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Additional services to look out for in a hosting company

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The best companies offering hosting to customers in the UK will go well beyond the five key services noted above. Indeed, the most robust hosts in the country will go out of their way to make sure that their customers are primed for success and given the tools they need to pursue great profits, great support, and much more.

For additional value and quality, look for a few additional things to be added before purchasing any package.

Many web hosting companies offer their SEO expertise to new customers, helping them target demographic groups with PPC ads, content marketing articles, and link building techniques, that often elude those who are new to the industry. This type of support and experience is invaluable to those who are looking for quick success in Google rankings and more.

Some companies charge their customers for “priority” support after they’ve signed up. That’s not a good way of doing business, and customers should look for a support option that is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, with no additional charges. Make sure that this support includes live chat, telephone support, priority-based support ticket filing, and even social media options.

Whether added on for an additional charge or given away as part of a hosting package, tough security via Secure Socket Layers is a must-have for any small business website that may engage in e-commerce. This technology encrypts customer information and transaction details, guarding against dangerous identity theft and other malicious activities.

Some web hosts offer the ability to install major discussion forums and content management solutions with the single click of a cursor. This service sometimes called “Fantastico” is far easier than uploading the files and directories directly to the server. Best of all, it ensures that the installed software packages will be automatically updated with little to intervention on behalf of the hosting package’s administrator.

For those who are not new to hosting, but are new to a chosen web host, migration support is a key service. This service will actually allow the new host to transfer files, databases, and other data, from the old server to the new one with relative ease. It’s faster, easier, and more affordable than doing it without the support of the host.

How to Check Uptime for Free Hosting

Efficient Free hosting is a great service to take advantage if it’s suitable for your website. Many people don’t use their websites enough or get enough traffic to warrant paying high prices for comprehensive hosting packages, so they can save a lot of money by swapping to companies that specialise in offering great free options.

uptime monitor for free hosting

However, uptime is one of the factors that applies to everyone, regardless of how much you use your hosting package. A hosting provider with too much downtime will likely not be able to show your website to people when they try to visit it, and this can have negative consequences. Not only will you miss out on traffic, but search engines can also pick up on this and may consider your site unreliable, potentially leaving it sitting lower on search results. Before you commit to a web hosting provider that doesn’t have acceptable levels of uptime, you can check it for yourself using one of the following methods.


UptimeRobot – On this website you can take advantage of a great free plan. You can monitor up to 50 sites to determine their level of uptime, with checks automatically every 5 minutes. You can also upgrade to paid if you want to make more comparisons, but for the purposes of choosing a hosting provider this should be more than enough.


Pingdom – A great alternative to UptimeRobot is Pingdom, offering many similar benefits. As with our other two suggestions here, the interface is all online and you don’t need to install or download anything to get the full benefits. You can use the powerful tools on offer for whatever you wish as long as you are able to set them up. This is a great solution if you need detailed analytics and alerts.


Host Tracker – A very simple way to monitor uptime is to set up Host Tracker, which only takes a few seconds to do as you can instantly enter your email address and domain name to start monitoring for free. You will then be notified of any downtime or other errors.

SSL with free hosting? Here’s what you should know…


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used to secure Internet communication. SSL hosting means web hosting service that provides free or paid SSL protection on hosting servers. A secure SSL certificate now protects most online stores. If you have a shopping site without SSL certification, then your site will be at risk. Without an SSL certification, your customers won’t trust your site.


Buying your SSL certificate

Usually, you need to pay for SSL hosting as the provider needs to pay for obtaining an SSL certificate. However, some providers offer shared free SSL hosting. Unlike dedicated SSL, shared SSL certificate don’t need extra configuration.

Installing the certificate

Your host installs the shared free SSL certificate on a subdomain name on the web host that is not your own. It is not suitable for e-commerce sites as customers like to see your domain name in the URL instead of other addresses.

Shared SSL and Wildcard SSL

Shared SSL URL will make your customers uncomfortable to give away their credit card details as they won’t be able to trust the domain name that appears in the URL. So, most shopping sites use paid SSL hosting instead of a shared one. With shared free SSL hosting, your web host installs a Wildcard SSL certificate on a server which can be used by all hosting clients to secure that primary domain.

They get an unlimited number of subdomains without paying anything extra. Free SSL hosting is suitable for situations where the server won’t be viewed by the general public, like when logging into the administrative panel of your site. A free SSL certificate can provide security to your web pages and images, but they redirect visitors to another URL different from your domain. It doesn’t give a professional image of your business. So, for business purposes, you should avoid using free SSL hosting.