How to use CloudFlare with WordPress


Millions of websites are now using WordPress. CloudFlare can make your WordPress website work faster and provide more security. You should follow the following steps to use CloudFlare with WordPress.

1. First, you need to install the CloudFlare WordPress plugin to restore visitor IP. The IPs of CloudFlare will be apparent in your logos and comments if you don’t install something to restore the actual visitor IP.


2. You need to login to your CloudFlare Threat control panel and whitelist some items. These include APIs that you are pulling from, security services, IP addresses you frequently use to log in and monitoring services that you use to control your website’s uptime.

3. Review the basic security settings of your site. If your blog or site is prone to spam attacks, you should change the security level to a higher setting. It will decrease the amount of spam that you get on your site. Having a medium setting is best when your firms add your domain to CloudFlare.

cloudflare-wordpress-settings4. If you use firewalls to manage your site and limit access to your site from visitors, you must make sure that requests from CloudFlare’s IP ranges are not limited or blocked. This way, you will not have many sites offline issues. So, you should whitelist all of CloudFlare’s IPs on your server.

5. You should review your Web Application Firewall (WAF) settings. It will protect your website from unwanted attacks.

Using these steps you will be able to use CloudFlare with WordPress. You will eventually experience higher speed and security on your sites. It will give visitors a better experience when they visit your site.

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