SSL with free hosting? Here’s what you should know…


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used to secure Internet communication. SSL hosting means web hosting service that provides free or paid SSL protection on hosting servers. A secure SSL certificate now protects most online stores. If you have a shopping site without SSL certification, then your site will be at risk. Without an SSL certification, your customers won’t trust your site.


Buying your SSL certificate

Usually, you need to pay for SSL hosting as the provider needs to pay for obtaining an SSL certificate. However, some providers offer shared free SSL hosting. Unlike dedicated SSL, shared SSL certificate don’t need extra configuration.

Installing the certificate

Your host installs the shared free SSL certificate on a subdomain name on the web host that is not your own. It is not suitable for e-commerce sites as customers like to see your domain name in the URL instead of other addresses.

Shared SSL and Wildcard SSL

Shared SSL URL will make your customers uncomfortable to give away their credit card details as they won’t be able to trust the domain name that appears in the URL. So, most shopping sites use paid SSL hosting instead of a shared one. With shared free SSL hosting, your web host installs a Wildcard SSL certificate on a server which can be used by all hosting clients to secure that primary domain.

They get an unlimited number of subdomains without paying anything extra. Free SSL hosting is suitable for situations where the server won’t be viewed by the general public, like when logging into the administrative panel of your site. A free SSL certificate can provide security to your web pages and images, but they redirect visitors to another URL different from your domain. It doesn’t give a professional image of your business. So, for business purposes, you should avoid using free SSL hosting.

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