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Tips on how to choose your domain name

A domain name is one of the most important element of making your website. But why is it important to choose the right domain name for your website? One of the main reason is that your domain name is the first thing that your visitors will see. So it’s important that your name gives off a good impression and somewhat gives them an idea of what your website is all about. The name should also be something that people will remember you by as this will increase your recognition. Another factor involves the SEO side of your domain. Having the right keywords in your name can also affect your rankings on the web search. To help you select the perfect domain name, we’ve gathered some relevant articles below.

How to Select a Domain Name for Your Project

It goes without saying that a domain name is not the main factor that defines the success of your project. At the same time, a successfully chosen domain name may notably simplify the promotion of your website and further work with it. That is why, we have prepared a post on the choice of the best domain name for your website, in which we are going to discuss the major principles of domain selection. Let’s start with the basics.

Right after the registration, you will certainly get a subdomain. In most cases, this is a set of symbols, which is quite difficult to read. Sometimes, however, it’s possible to read the subdomain, but it is too long to be memorized in an easy way. Your visitors won’t have any desire to do that, so, we don’t recommend using a subdomain on a regular basis. It will work well, while the site is under construction, but that’s it. If you really wish to develop your project, buy a separate 2nd level domain. (read more at patch.com)

How to Create the Best Domain Names

Picking the right domain name is very important. The name embodies your business on the internet. Making your choice requires deep thought and strategic consideration.

If your domain name is mundane or difficult to type into the search bar, internet users may disregard your business without giving you a chance. Unfortunately, we do judge books by their covers. To avoid this, here are a few tips to help you in your choice of domain name.

A domain name that’s unnecessarily complex and long can cause visitors to mistype or misspell it. The best domain names are short, sweet and practical. It’s best if a domain name is no more than 15 characters long. Anything longer will likely be difficult for site users to recollect. The negative consequences of a longer domain name all amount to your site losing traffic due to visitors who’ve gone astray. (read more at webdesign.org)

The Psychology of Choosing a Domain Name

When taking your business online, the first step is to choose a domain name. The web is like a digital city, and your domain name is your ‘home’ address or where your business is located in the city.

Domain names are also a key component of your business brand image. The creativity and insight that go into crafting a domain name will impact on its SEO ranking, web presence and the overall profitability of the brand. It can also affect how people view your brand or business credibility, and affect their certainty in understanding what your business or brand is all about. As a general rule, your selected domain name should be short, concise and memorable. It should contain the keywords of your business and be unambiguous or confusing about your brand offering. It should also have a professional and relevant to the niche. (read more at designer-daily.com)