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Why hosting companies should use OpenStack

The_OpenStack_logo.svgOpenStack is made from the partnership of NASA and Rackspace. Now the company have over 500 businesses currently running their programme. As a result, they are currently the most popular platform for cloud computing. Let’s take a look at the following benefits from OpenStack.

Why use OpenStack?

Excellent stability – Since 2010, OpenStack made a big change in their system. Therefore, they have become more stable and secure. Their excellent stability lies in putting more attention into solutions and improvements.

Growing company – The programme is becoming more popular with big business. The last year’s turnover went up to $1.25 billion. Furthermore, they are expecting sales to increase up to $5.38 billion in four years.

Good design – OpenStack includes a strong and stable core which is useful for open specifications. It also allows for easy customisation and gives access to open technologies.

More tools – Large companies like Dell, HP, Rackspace, IBM and Redhat are currently supporting the program. Due to large supports by major companies, OpenStack can offer plugins and tools.

Free and low cost – OpenStack is completely free to use. You have the option to lower your operating costs depending on your software.

Expand – It enables you to expand your operations while your company is growing. Large businesses like Walmart is using OpenStack to run over 100,000 cores.

Great security – The programme uses a feature where you can track security flaws with a simple interface. OpenStack is working towards for a high level of security.

Network management
– They have a networking system known as Neutron. Neutron is useful for controlling security and adopting the policies.