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How to Check Uptime for Free Hosting

Efficient Free hosting is a great service to take advantage if it’s suitable for your website. Many people don’t use their websites enough or get enough traffic to warrant paying high prices for comprehensive hosting packages, so they can save a lot of money by swapping to companies that specialise in offering great free options.

uptime monitor for free hosting

However, uptime is one of the factors that applies to everyone, regardless of how much you use your hosting package. A hosting provider with too much downtime will likely not be able to show your website to people when they try to visit it, and this can have negative consequences. Not only will you miss out on traffic, but search engines can also pick up on this and may consider your site unreliable, potentially leaving it sitting lower on search results. Before you commit to a web hosting provider that doesn’t have acceptable levels of uptime, you can check it for yourself using one of the following methods.


UptimeRobot – On this website you can take advantage of a great free plan. You can monitor up to 50 sites to determine their level of uptime, with checks automatically every 5 minutes. You can also upgrade to paid if you want to make more comparisons, but for the purposes of choosing a hosting provider this should be more than enough.


Pingdom – A great alternative to UptimeRobot is Pingdom, offering many similar benefits. As with our other two suggestions here, the interface is all online and you don’t need to install or download anything to get the full benefits. You can use the powerful tools on offer for whatever you wish as long as you are able to set them up. This is a great solution if you need detailed analytics and alerts.


Host Tracker – A very simple way to monitor uptime is to set up Host Tracker, which only takes a few seconds to do as you can instantly enter your email address and domain name to start monitoring for free. You will then be notified of any downtime or other errors.